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Internet and Internet Service Providers in Baja California

Prodigy service from Telnor
Prodigy is the name of the Internet Access service provided by Telnor, which is the most important Internet Service Provider in Mexico and is also the carrier who provides telephone land lines; you can sign up in their offices, or by phone,  just call their office 612-10-00 or toll free 01 800 025 2525 and follow the instructions by the operator. In order to have Telnor as your ISP you must have a land line with them.

Tienda Telnor ROSARITO
Ave. Lázaro Cárdenas s/n,
casi esq. con Blvd. Benito Juárez
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am- 5pm. (Payments 24hrs)
Local Phone: 612-10-00.














Cable Internet Service
Multicable offers internet services at different speeds, and you don’t require a telephone line or even a cable contract for your TV. This service is not available in all areas; you can call their office at 613-0155 and 612-9045 in Rosarito, or visit their offices located two blocks behind Domino’s Pizza in Downtown Rosarito and in Plaza Giramar near Mc Donald’s.

Other internet Services
Satellite, Microwave, G3 and other internet services are available, "you should ask your realtor what kind of internet services are available on the location".

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