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Choosing a Trusted Relocation Specialist

When professional poker players realized that Rosarito Beach was the best area to keep on gambling after “Black Friday” not only because of the unique location (only 30 minutes south of San Diego, CA) but also due to the fact that the cost of living savings averaged between 30-40% it was a “No Brainer” to take the next step and explore the different options that were available!

Questions as which community and amenities fit lifestyle , who are the neighbors, how close are the markets and shopping as well as concerns as to how to open a bank account, what is the best ISP  and  types of  legal documents required all needed to be answered.

The players realized they needed not only a long time established  Realtor with years of experience in Mexican real  estate, but a  Rental specialist who actually lived in the area and who was involved in the community.
At  Renting In Mexico  we are able to  offer a complete Consierge Service that not only helps in answering these typical , important questions but one that offers outstanding assistance with your particular needs and preferences.  Call us today and ask us about our Poker Consierge Service Program. Our experience in working with almost all of the poker player community in Rosarito helps us to possess that leading edge in understanding your priorities and expectations in as quick a manner as possible!
I look forward to working with you!

Miguel Sedano,
Rental Broker

Consierge Service Testimonial

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