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Spent 9 hours looking at places yesterday in Rosarito. My guy was the man, so helpful.

Regarding Las Olas, my realtor had 2 possible options: (1) satellite dish or (2) stealing the internet from Califia towers (right across the way). He did say that the chances of the IP address being switched is very slim (they have been saying that for awhile). The truth is that most people want an US IP address for a variety of reasons... One of the corner units he showed me actually got pretty sick reception from Califia.

Like I said, I looked at soooooooooooooooooo many places yesterday and I ended up going with Plaza Del Mar. I wanted something away from downtown, by the ocean, and very modern interior. Every place I saw was really nice, but for the price and what I get it, Plaza Del Mar was kind of a no brainer. 15 minute drive to downtown Rosarito, INSANE view from the balcony, 3BR for 1k, and a Mexican IP address = win. Downside is no garage, but I saw a few real high end cars parked so whatever....

This is the unit I went with :

It's a lot bigger than I thought by looking at the pictures. The owner of my condo also owns 2 other ones in the building and plays online poker so that's pretty sweet.

TBH, I was disappointed with Las Olas; maybe I was expecting too much. The amenities are really nice as everyone has mentioned, but the pool isn't heated so not much use for half of the year. The actual condos themselves was pretty meh (I looked at 8 units in the building). For the same price, you could move to Palicio Del Mar. The amenities blows away Las Olas and the condos are insane. Just some food for thought.

Rosarito reminds me a lot of Vegas tbh. They seriously went on a building spree when the market was flush and now renters are basically living for free there. So many unfinished high end condos.....


Carpal \'Tunnel
Should be down there with Starting Gun in 9 days, pretty excited!

Anyone else at Calafia Resort and Villas (Playas de Rosarito)? Starting Gun and I weren't planning on a vehicle, hopefully we're not too far out to where it'll be a burden without one, not totally sure where Calafia is compared to everyone/everything else, guess we'll find out

Just going to reiterate again that if you're looking for a very reliable and trustworthy realtor, get in contact with Miguel Sedano (pm me for contact info). I was referred to him by Steel08 and he has been very very helpful so far; and he's even found his way onto 2p2 and has been posting/helping out quite a bit.


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